Big Data is the new competitive advantage.

With data being generated today at breathtaking rates, enterprises have significant ability to differentiate their offerings, improve outcomes for their customers, and increase their operational efficiency on the basis of data.
Altiscale enables organizations to make the most of their data by providing a seamless Big Data experience from day one—Big Data-as-a-service.


The cyber threat landscape has changed quite rapidly and in unforeseen ways in the past few years. The new generation of emerging threats leverages inherent vulnerabilities within APIs, cloud computing, and nascent IT environments. These intrusions launch concerted and advanced attacks that the previous generation of security tools cannot detect and defend against. Gaining unauthorized access through identity impersonation and privacy hijacking in the social media sphere has also created a new range of attack vectors for these perpetrators. Altiscale’s comprehensive cyber intelligence platform helps organizations combat threats and provides improved cyber attack prediction.

Customer 360

Gaining a comprehensive view of customers is highly valuable for any enterprise but is made difficult by having customer data held in disparate, siloed systems throughout the organization. Altiscale’s Customer 360 solution unifies data from CRM, marketing, customer support, and other systems, from across the enterprise’s business units and product lines, to provide a complete picture of each customer. Armed with a better understanding of their customers, an organization has the ability to identify revenue leakage, generate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and better align their sales and marketing efforts directed at each customer.

Advertising Data Lake

Ad networks and marketing organizations are challenged to collect large volumes of data from various channels—mobile and desktop, app and web—and maintain multiple marketing systems in their stacks. But what if enterprises could increase the scale and accuracy of their marketing analytics by consolidating their data and marketing systems?

Altiscale allows enterprises to take control of their data by providing a data lake for managing all their advertising and marketing data. Marketing teams build on Altiscale’s world-class Big Data platform, and accompanying data ingestion, ID synchronization, and tag management capabilities, to enable new insights and monetization opportunities.

Financial Services

Information is central to every financial services firm, and the industry is awash in data from which information advantage can be gleaned. Whether the source is consumer data from retail banking and insurance, transaction data captured by the payments industry, or market feeds to which capital markets firms subscribe, financial institutions seek to maximize revenue opportunities and minimize risk using insights obtained by analyzing their data. Altiscale provides high-performance, secure Big Data solutions that enable financial services firms to extract the most value from their data.

Use cases include:

Customer 360. Aggregating structured and unstructured data from multiple customer interactions to obtain a holistic view of customers.
Trading analytics. Analyzing a combination of historical and real-time market data to make investment decisions.
Risk management. Accurately modeling the credit and investment risk the firm is exposed to at any point in time.
Insurance analytics. Using advanced analytics to set insurance rates, particularly from usage-based insurance programs.
Fraud detection. Identifying instances of fraud, such as unauthorized transactions, false insurance claims, and money laundering.


The manufacturing sector is in the midst of a major transformation, fueled by the proliferation of connected devices and sensors employed in complex industrial systems—the Industrial Internet of Things. This wave of instrumentation brings with it billions of new data sources and vast amounts of data, and its full potential can only be realized when coupled with Big Data analytics. Altiscale enables manufacturing firms to bring together all of their data streams for analysis in a scalable, cloud-based Big Data ecosystem.

Use cases include:
Predictive asset maintenance. Proactively managing physical systems based on failure-prediction and anomaly-detection algorithms to prevent loss of productivity.
Supply chain optimization. Analyzing inventory and location data to ensure availability and on-time delivery of material while minimizing cost.
Product quality analytics. Monitoring product quality through the analysis of product sensor data and customer sentiment.


Data and analytics in the hands of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions have great potential to improve medical outcomes. Analysis of medical records and real-time patient data allows providers to deliver better care, while the combination of clinical, research, and public data can increase the odds of getting new treatments to market. In addition, some fields of healthcare research have always dealt with very large data sets, and Big Data technologies now offer the ability to process this data cost effectively. Altiscale provides healthcare organizations a path to game-changing analytics without major data center investment, while meeting mandated privacy and security requirements.

Use cases include:
DNA sequencing. Sequencing patients’ DNA to predict risk of disease and prescribe personalized treatments.
Precision medicine. Determining optimal treatments based on genetic information, molecular analysis, environmental factors, and statistical clustering.
Predictive analytics for patient care. Identifying patients at risk of infection or readmission using a combination of historical data and real-time patient vitals.


Marketing analytics companies work with Altiscale to process a multitude of information, from point of sale (POS) and transaction data to clickstream, ad tracking, and social media data, so that they can develop richer customer profiles and analytics solutions for their own clients. Using Altiscale to store and analyze the extensive data available, companies have significant opportunity to gain analytic insight and differentiate.

Use cases include:

Customer segmentation
Customer 360
Predictive lead scoring
Personalized marketing
Sentiment analysis
Platform for client analytics services

Digital Media and Gaming

Many organizations in the digital media and gaming space are reliant on analytics to drive business. Whether for entertainment or advertising, companies use the large volumes of usage data being tracked to discover behavioral patterns and maximize the value of their content. In gaming, companies aim to grow revenue from their customers and often have a limited window of popularity in which to capture value.

Altiscale provides a fast, scalable analytics solution, helping ensure that companies make the most of their understanding of customer dynamics.

Use cases include:

Targeted advertising and campaigns
Recommender systems
Developing content strategy
User engagement and retention
Gamer lifetime value

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