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Visible Measures Case Study

Case Study

Visible Measures partners with global brands and publishers to measure and optimize advertisers’ share of video attention. Early on, the company realized that research and data analytics would be critical to ensuring accurate, timely, and optimal video delivery to targeted consumers. To that end, Visible Measures has tracked over 14,000 campaigns and studied consumer behavior from over three trillion video views. Every day, it monitors more than 500 million videos. With Altiscale’s Big Data-as-a-Service, Visible Measures gains valuable insight from this vast amount of information, identifying the most engaging placements for video content while optimizing advertiser ROI and audience experience.


To provide real-time information and analysis to its customers, Visible Measures initially relied on an internally built, proprietary system based on Hadoop. However, massive data volumes and the need for real-time performance outstripped the implementation’s capacity, becoming an immense draw on internal operational resources. The company quickly realized that it needed a more cost-effective solution that would liberate its internal resources from Hadoop management and maintenance, so that it could focus on the data science that is core to its business success. As a result, Visible Measures made a strategic decision to move to a Big Data platform that included Hadoop operations.

Visible Measures Selects Altiscale

In its search for a new solution, Visible Measures considered a number of options, including employing a systems integrator to install an on-premises Cloudera Hadoop cluster that would be operated by external contractors. However, this approach was too costly, both in the short- and long-term. The company also considered utilizing Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), a Hadoop infrastructure provider, but Amazon EMR could not meet Visible Measures’ HDFS availability requirements or the performance needs of its customers. Also, due to the limited support provided by Amazon EMR, the internal management and operational resources required still exceeded the project’s budget.

After considering all of the alternatives, Visible Measures selected Altiscale Data Cloud, a cloud platform based on Hadoop and Spark that stores, processes, and analyzes extremely large data sets. Altiscale offered a fully managed, cost-effective solution with industry-leading performance, reliability, and scalability—all of which have proven key to supporting Visible Measures’ long-term growth and meeting the needs of its demanding customer base.

“With our years of experience, we know what it takes to build, run, and maintain Big Data clusters,” said Chris Meisl, Chief Technology Officer of Visible Measures. “That’s precisely why we chose Altiscale. Its Big Data offering met our needs then, and continues to meet them now, as we react to changes in the marketplace and further expand our business.”

Benefits: Consistent, Effective Results

By relying on Altiscale Data Cloud to uncover the value within the flood of data that it collects, Visible Measures ensures that the right video gets in front of the right audience—with minimal use of internal resources. Altiscale’s offering, run by a team of Big Data experts and providing 24/7 help desk support, has freed Visible Measures from the hassles of Hadoop management. “Altiscale makes it possible for us to keep our internal resources focused, not on maintaining an entire Hadoop operations team, but on the data science and analytics that drive our business,” added Meisl.

Additionally, Altiscale’s industry-leading performance and reliability are enabling Visible Measures to consistently deliver the accurate, real-time feedback its customers require. Due to the exceptional accuracy of Visible Measures’ consumer modeling, the Media Rating Council (MRC), the industry group that audits and accredits media measurement services, has accredited a number of Visible Measures’ metrics for measuring digital video advertising effectiveness. These metrics provide deep campaign insights and drive Visible Measures’ ability to deliver outstanding campaign results.