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Big Data News: The Olympics, counterfeiters, Industry 4.0

By | August 4th, 2016 | Big Data News

Big Data stories around athletics, chip counterfeiting, auto manufacturing, and copper discovery. Four possible challengers to Spark emerge. If you have a Big Data idea, how do you protect it? The lawyers weigh in. And one journalist wonders if trying to catch them all will lead to learning more about the world.

  1. Rio Olympics: Sensors, big data to be the next revolution – RCR Wireless News
    “Almost 20% of the 7.4 billion real ($2.25 billion) total budget the Rio Olympics Organizing Committee announced for the games this year was earmarked to implement information technology and telecommunication solutions.”
  1. Big data brawlers: 4 challengers to Spark – InfoWorld
    “But Spark is far from perfect. It’s certainly improving, as version 2.0 shows, but if a competitor offers a better handle on what Spark does and more, developers will pay attention.”
  1. Can big data solve the counterfeiting problem? – EPSNews
    “The electronics supply chain has been trying almost from its inception to prevent or weed out counterfeit components. … several companies in recent months have suggested that following the data generated by a component’s manufacturing, test, QC and related processes may be a better anti-counterfeiting method.”
  1. Big data stirs visions of ‘mobile machinery’ – Automotive News
    “Industry 4.0 refers to a long-range shift toward integrating traditional manufacturing with big data, or the nearly limitless stores of information companies can accumulate about products, manufacturing and other aspects of their business.”
  1. Rio Tinto tailors big data drive to copper – ITNews
    ““The proprietary global data we have of copper projects built over many decades … increases our ability to compare and contrast deposit age styles and types,” he said. “We are able to sift and prioritise opportunities based on preferred mineralogy and chemical signatures.”
  1. Big data analytics on epidemics could help prevent outbreaks – Food Safety News
    “Nathan Wolfe, whose been called the Indiana Jones of virology and who is usually found in Asia or Africa predicting epidemics, is, through his company, Metabiota Inc., bringing his comprehensive risk analytics to the U.S. food industry.”
  1. Cloudera chief Tom Reilly on the evolution of big data – InformationAge
    “In 2016, it’s remarkable how this industry is maturing. The industry fully understands now the notion of data lakes and hubs; now we want to understand what use cases are most impactful for industry.”
  1. How to protect your big data idea – Information Age
    “Before discussing any idea with a third party, big data entrepreneurs should consider whether the application of their invention is technical or not and if so, take steps to protect it.”
  1. Pokemon Go and big data: you teach me and I’ll teach you – Dataconomy
    “Pokémon Go is already being heralded as the game that made kids get up and go, but what if it was carefully structured so players got even more out of it? What if players in a particular class had to get out and see landmarks? To learn about history as they catch endless Pidgeys?”