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Big Data News: Better parking garages, more effective lawyers, more CDO and IT jobs

By | August 10th, 2016 | Big Data News

Fun week in Big Data stories. Using Big Data to improve the parking garage experience, more jobs for IT and more CDO titles, MapR raises more funds, while Hortonworks explains why Big Data payoffs take time. Finally, Russian hackers go after Oracle.

  1. Big Data, Cloud Demand Drive IT Job Growth – InformationWeek
    “Monthly data aside, the over-arching trend for the IT sector remains favorable,” he said. “As tech companies shift into new categories such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, they will seek a range of new skills.”
  1. Why This Big Data Software Firm Is Putting More Cash in the Bank – Fortune
    “Big data software company MapR Technologies, which had hoped to go public in late 2015, disclosed another $50 million in late-stage funding on Tuesday.”
  1. Can big data studies know your thoughts and predict who will win an election? – Phys.Org
    “The amount of data everyone on the internet generates in just a single second is truly staggering, and it is continuing to grow, with estimates that annual global traffic will pass the zetabyte barrier by the end of 2016. That’s one trillion gigabytes (GB) of data, roughly 134GB for every man, woman and child on the planet!”
  1. The Third Wave: Why Big Data is the Future of Legal Tech – IPWatchdog
    “While this type of analytics can’t tell an attorney whether this judge is particular about staying behind a podium during cross examination or likes his motions in a particular font size, it does allow an attorney to craft an argument using a judge’s favorite case. In addition, such analytics can inform an attorney’s strategy in litigating a particular case in terms of filing motions that a judge is likely to grant, rather than spending a client’s time and money on motions that a judge hardly ever accepts.”
  1. Hortonworks: Making Big Data Pay Off Takes Time – Data Center Knowledge
    “the data-in-motion market is starting to open up, Bearden told another analyst. “it’s very big transformation projects that [enterprises] are enabling that are very strategic to their business models, which generates a very large market. And sometimes the sales cycles are a bit longer than more simplistic platforms. And so we’re balancing how we sell into that environment into the adjustments that we’ve made in current quarter.”
  1. Big Data And The Emergence Of The Chief Data Officer – Forbes
    “Today, the Chief Data Officer has become an established figure for a majority of corporations, as firms come to recognize the central importance of developing and managing to a data strategy, defining and implementing a data governance process, and ensuring regulatory compliance. There is a building consensus and recognition that data is a vital corporate asset and that management of this asset requires an executive leadership function and mandate.”
  1. Streaming Data: Big Data at High Velocity – Business 2 Community
    “…there might be thousands of different sensors, each one generating hundreds of kilobytes of data every minute. In order to get the insights you need from that data and avoid production slowdowns, you’ll need a system that can process it a lot of data very, very quickly. Streaming data is ideal for this kind of situation.”
  1. Big Data and digital signage driving the parking industry – Digital Signage Today
    “Digital technology is driving rapid change in the car-parking industry — electric cars, driverless cars, car sharing, app-based searching, booking, digital payment systems — the list could go on. The two key areas where digital technology is changing the car-parking industry landscape are the use of Big Data and the use of digital screens to enhance the customer experience.”
  1. Oracle’s Big Data Breach Highlights Growing Security Risks of the Cloud – TheStreet
    “A Russian cyber crime group was responsible for the breach at Oracle, security blog Krebs on Security reported Monday. In particular, the group has attacked a customer support portal for companies that use Oracle’s Micros payment system, a point-of-sale (POS) system that processes transactions at various locations such as cashiers. At the time Oracle acquired Micros back in 2014, Micros said its systems were deployed at over 300,000 sites.”