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By | December 8th, 2016 | SAP

SAP TechEd Barcelona 2016, The Altiscale Report

This November, I had the pleasure of representing Altiscale at SAP’s developer show in Europe, TechEd Barcelona. This event showcases SAP’s latest capabilities and there are many opportunities to learn and get hands-on experience with new features. There were about 50 SAP booths and 40 partner booths. Big Data was a hot topic at the event. I was pleased to see that TechEd attendees were already familiar with Hadoop and were curious to learn about both Altiscale and SAP’s interactive SQL solution for Big Data, SAP Vora.

By | January 26th, 2016 | Analytics, Big Data, Hadoop

Best Practices for Dynamic Partitioning in Hive

With its proven ability to speed performance, partitioning is a must-have feature in the tool set of any Big Data query engine. Hive is no exception; it has had partition support since its early versions. Although this blog will touch on static partitioning, it will primarily focus on when and how to best employ dynamic partitioning—a method we believe is often underutilized as an effective means for partitioning data and improving performance.

By | December 29th, 2014 | Hadoop, HIVE, Tez

Optimizing Apache Hive by Tuning Configuration Parameters

With the recent availability of Hive 0.13.1/Tez on Altiscale clusters, Hive users have new options for tuning the performance of their Hive databases. This blog post describes four techniques: using Tez, implementing ORC format tables, leveraging Cost Based Optimization and enabling vectorization. We’ve seen positive performance impact on Hive queries from all four.