Altiscale Insight Cloud

Altiscale Insight Cloud

A self-service analytics environment
for Big Data.

Altiscale Insight Cloud

The Altiscale Insight Cloud is a Big Data analytics environment that enables business users to load data into a Hadoop data lake and analyze it in a self-service, interactive manner.

Access to Big Data has traditionally been restricted to a limited set of data scientists and engineers. The Altiscale Insight Cloud changes the game, allowing business analysts the ability to analyze data stored in Hadoop, without dependencies on IT. With this analyst-first approach, the volumes of data stored in your Big Data systems can be opened up to greater numbers of users, driving increased business impact in your organization.


The Altiscale Insight Cloud builds on the Altiscale Data Cloud, a fully managed Hadoop- and Spark-based Big Data infrastructure. It provides integrated ingestion, transformation, and analysis capabilities that allow analysts to bring data into the environment, define aggregates, and use familiar business intelligence tools, like Tableau and Excel, in the course of their work.

The Altiscale Insight Cloud powers interactive SQL queries, dynamic visualizations, real-time dashboards, and other reporting and analytics applications from your Hadoop data lake, providing analysts critical insights from all your data.

Download the Altiscale Insight Cloud datasheet here.


The Altiscale Insight Cloud provides analysts integrated ingestion, transformation,

and analysis capabilities on a high-performance, secure core.

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