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While Apache Spark is all the rage in Big Data, organizations often struggle to get started and keep it running well. The Altiscale Spark-as-a-Service solution delivers fast performance, scalability, and stability, ensuring that customers have the best possible Big Data experience. By offering a Spark platform in the cloud, with full operations support and elastic scalability, Altiscale ensures that customers can focus on the value they get from Big Data, while liberating them from the hassle of operations management. Worried about Spark’s reputation for memory usage failure? At Altiscale, our ops team makes sure you never have to worry again.

Spark on Altiscale is the best of all worlds

The Apache Spark open source framework has gained traction for its machine learning, interactive analytics, and streaming analytics capabilities for large datasets. At Altiscale, Spark is fully integrated into the larger Hadoop ecosystem. Customers benefit not only from Spark, but also from Hive, and MapReduce, and tools like MLlib, SparkSQL, Arimo and H2O. All of these tools run side-by-side on the same Hadoop Data File System (HDFS) cluster managed through YARN.


A cloud platform purpose-built and optimized for Spark and Hadoop

Apache Spark runs efficiently and reliably in the Altiscale Data Cloud, where the hardware, security, software, tools and infrastructure are optimized for the processing of massive data sets. Other cloud vendors just give you generic infrastructure, so you keep paying over and over for failed jobs. At Altiscale, you end up paying less, because your jobs succeed quickly.


"We have been using Spark on the Altiscale Data Cloud for the past year and have been really excited about its performance and scalability. We see great promise in Spark, and we also want to ensure that we are fully covered for all of our analytical needs, including MapReduce. At Altiscale, experts are looking out for us to ensure that we get the latest, greatest, production-ready features"

Satya Ramachandaran
SVP of Engineering and Managing Director, MarketShare

"Altiscale provides a full Big Data solution, including Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark, so we know that we can get all of our jobs done, not just Spark jobs. And since it’s a fully managed service, I never have to worry about scaling, resource contention, or underlying software upgrades."

Satya Ramachandaran
SVP of Engineering and Managing Director, MarketShare

Get the latest Spark features and run your existing analytics

As a cloud provider, Altiscale easily addresses the challenges created by the rapid evolution of Spark. In order to help organizations absorb Spark updates at the pace that’s best for them, Altiscale uniquely offers full support for all major recent Apache Spark versions. This not only provides customers with access to Spark’s latest features and performance improvements, but also ensures that customers can continue to run prior Spark versions for already-built analytical applications or data analysis.


And our famous ops team always has your back

Altiscale ensures that customers have the support and operations expertise that they need to be successful with Spark, not just when you get started, but throughout your lifetime as a customer. Our ops team has been running enterprise Spark implementations for our customers since 2014, so they have the chops to ensure that you’re always getting the best performance, and to quickly solve any job mysteries, sometimes before they even happen.






A Secure Solution with In-House Security Certifications

The Altiscale Data Cloud provides enterprise-class security with automatic Kerberos authentication, SOC 2 certification, and compliance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Getting started with Spark

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