Finally. A Hadoop platform
that practically runs itself.

Tired of wrestling with your Hadoop platform? Tired of job failures, hardware headaches, relentless software updates, and the never-ending search for more Hadoop operations people? It’s time for the Altiscale Data Cloud, the leading Hadoop-as-a-Service solution. The Altiscale Data Cloud is a complete, best-of-breed Big Data platform that is run for you by some of the best and most experienced Hadoop operations people in the world. And it’s in the cloud, so it’s quick to get started and easy to scale.

The Altiscale Data Cloud delivers fast performance, scalability, security, and reliability, as well as the operations support to keep getting the most out of your data, today, tomorrow, and years from now. With Altiscale, you can focus on the value in Big Data, while liberated from the hassles of infrastructure, software, and operations.

Best-of-breed platform that we keep up to date for you

Does your IT team live in fear of a new Hadoop or Spark upgrade, or a new “must have” Apache project to integrate to the platform? Altiscale provides a comprehensive platform that is proven, tested, and up to date. It includes not only Hadoop and Spark, but also Hive, Tez, Arimo and H2O. All of these tools run side-by-side on the same Hadoop Data File System (HDFS) cluster managed through YARN. Altiscale also runs a platform that meets standards set by the ODPi, so apps and analytics built on Altiscale can run on any platform that also meets ODPi standards.


Altiscale is purpose-built for Hadoop success

Other cloud providers built their data centers on the cheapest generic hardware that they could find. Altiscale built its data centers for blazing fast Hadoop performance. Ironically, this means that your jobs complete faster and you actually pay less than at the “cheap” data centers, where you have no operational support, your jobs fail often, and they don’t tell you how to fix them. When you switch to Altiscale, you stop paying for drawn-out, mysterious failures and start paying only for fast success.


"Working with Altiscale saved us nearly $10k a month. . . from our existing bare-metal Hadoop colocation grid."


"The weekly workload . . . would take us a minimum of 72 hours on our existing solution, and now it takes 16 hours on Altiscale."

VP of Engineering

"We’re saving significantly, lowering our costs from $30k every month to $7.5k a month by switching to Altiscale."

VP of Engineering

"With our years of experience, we know what it takes to build, run, and maintain Big Data clusters. That’s precisely why we chose Altiscale. Its Big Data offering met our needs then, and continues to meet them now, as we react to changes in the marketplace and further expand our business."

Chris Meisl
Chief Technology Officer, Visible Measures

"Altiscale responds to our inquiries with real answers given by real experts, to address each specific situation. Their support has consistently risen above and beyond our expectations."

Aditya Chandra
Vice President of Infrastructure, Airpush

Hadoop success is mostly about operations, and we give you the best operations in the world

While Hadoop distribution vendors attack each other about the minor feature differences of their platforms, the reality is that Big Data success really depends on how you operate the platform over time. The advantages of excellent operations far exceed the value of a particular platform feature tweak. That’s why Altiscale provides operations support to all of its customers, delivered by experienced, proven ops experts who can keep your Big Data jobs humming.






Altiscale is secure, with the certifications to prove it

The Altiscale Data Cloud provides enterprise-class security with automatic Kerberos authentication, SOC 2 certification, and compliance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Getting started with Hadoop

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