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Succeeding with Hadoop when Most Companies Don’t

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We Run Hadoop for You

Unlike other solutions, we run Apache™ Hadoop® for you. We not only deploy Hadoop, we monitor, manage, fix, and update it for you. Then we take it a step further: We monitor your jobs, notify you when something’s wrong with them, and can help with tuning.

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Purpose-Built Hadoop Cloud

The Altiscale Data Cloud is the first cloud service purpose-built to run Hadoop. We offer an on-demand, elastic solution on a pay-as-you-go basis. By vertically integrating from the Hadoop layer to the metal, we ensure a faster, more reliable service.

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Data Science Done Right

Altiscale’s offering is ideally suited for today’s data science needs. Features for data science include permanent HDFS volumes, access to the latest tools, resource sharing without conflict, job-level monitoring and support, and pricing plans that eliminate unpleasant surprises.
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“With Altiscale, we’re getting 4 to 5 times the performance compared to other cloud solutions, with zero startup time and a predictable budget that doesn’t break the bank.”
Satya Ramachandran, VP, MarketShare
“Altiscale’s knowledgeable and responsive team allowed us to rapidly innovate and get to market faster with new products and services.”
Joseph Benjamin, CTO, Datalogix
“At PlayFirst we are committed to creating mobile games for fans to enjoy for the long term, including our fan-favorite DASH series of games. Altiscale provided 300% better price-performance and dramatically greater flexibility than our previous approach to Hadoop. This helps our team make the game experience better and retain active users for a longer period of time.”
Richard Au, Senior Technical Director, PlayFirst

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